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Twenty-first International Conference

Image and Vision Computing New Zealand

IVCNZ 2006, November 27-29, 2006, Great Barrier Island


Day 1: Mon 27 Nov

Day 2: Tue 28 Nov

Day 3: Wed 29 Nov







Oral 1: Brendan McCane

Oral 5: Kenichi Kanatani

Oral 7: Robert Valkenburg





Session Chair: John Morris

Session Chair: Patrice Delmas

Session Chair: Georgy Gimel'farb





 This session starts: 8.45am



 This session stops: 10.00am



Morning Tea & Poster session (80 minutes)



Poster 1: Signal/

Image Processing

Poster 3: Applications

Poster 4: Recognition and Detection


Session Chair: Mengjie Zhang

Session Chair: M. J. Johnson

Session Chair: Volker Hilsenstein




Parameter Analysis for Mixture of Gaussians Model

Objective Colour Measurement of Tomatoes and Limes

Tracking Articulated Objects using Improved Particle Filters

Qi Zang, Reinhard Klette

H.M.W. Bunnik, D.G. Bailey and A.J. Mawson

Martin Tosas, Li Bai

Performance evaluation of accurate ellipse fitting

Local Texture Patches for Active Appearance Models

Detection and Removal of Global and Local Noise in

Kenichi Kanatani

Nathan Faggian, Andrew Paplinski, Jamie Sherrah

Adrian Clark, Richard Green

Rectifying Images for Stereo Vision

Augmenting Sports Grounds with Advertisement Replacement

Matching Moving Objects by Parts with a Maximum Likelihood Criterion

Y. Lin, A. Woodward, D. An, J. Morris, P. Delmas, and G. Gimel'farb

D.K. Barrow, R. Green

Eric Dahai Chang and Massimo Piccardi

An Image Data Hiding Scheme being Perfectly Imperceptible to Histogram Attacks

A Hybrid Approach For Tracking Eye Pupils

Semi-supervised Silhouette Detection for Thermal Imaging

Hung-Min Sun, Yao-Hsin Chen, and King-Hang Wang

Marcus Schoo, Richard Green

Surya Prakash and Antonio Robles-Kelly

Chromatic Variance Prediction

Athlete Performance Video Overlay

A simple and efficient eye detection method in color images

Robert N. Grant and Richard D. Green

S. Sarjeant, R. Green

D. Sidibe and P. Montesinos and S. Janaqi

Near optimal non-uniform interpolation for image super-resolution from multiple images

Image processing of meat images for visible/near infrared spectroscopy reference

Access Control with Session Based Face Tracking

A. Gilman, D.G. Bailey

Lee Streeter, G Robert Burling-Claridge, Michael J Cree

Amadeus Rainbow and Richard Green

Storing and Accessing Large Images using Summed Area Tables.

Quality Assessment of Retinal Images

A Simple Model-Free Approach to Posture Recognition

Volker Hilsenstein

Y. Kwon, A. Bainbridge-Smith, A.B. Morris

R. Raghavan, K.C. Aw, S. Xie

A Comparison of noise in CCD and CMOS image sensors

Accounting for User Familiarity in User Interfaces

A New Rapid Feature Extraction Method for Computer Vision based on Moments

K. Irie, A.E. McKinnon, K. Unsworth, I.M. Woodhead

Christiaan A.D’H Gough, Richard Green, Mark Billinghurst

Andre L. C. Barczak and M. J. Johnson

Accelerating calibrated stereo correspondence through concurrent processing

Image Denoising Using a New Line-Field

A Robust Efficient Motion Segmentation Algorithm

Nathan Adams and Richard Green

Ngoc-Thuy Le, Kah-Bin Lim

Hongzhi Gao & Dr. Richard Green

Pros and Cons of the Nonlinear LUX Color Transform for Wireless Transmission with Motion JPEG2000

Results of a multiple-baseline interferometric synthetic aperture sonar in shallow water

Camera Egomotion Tracking using Markers

Théodore Totozafiny, Franck Luthon,Olivier Patrouix

Michael Hayes

Brendon Kelly, Richard Green

Moment-based Local Descriptor using Scale Invariant Keypoints

Monocular tracking of swimmers from a stationary viewpoint

Fast and Adaptive Block-based Motion Estimation for Video Coding

Jae-Sun Han, Gwang-Gook Lee, Whoi-Yul Kim

C.P. Huynh and R. Green

G. Sorwar and M. Murshed

A Hybrid Approach to Man-Made Structure Extraction from Natural Scenes

Object Indexing and Recognition

Genetic Programming for Object Detection

Hang Zhou, David Suter and Konrad Schindler

F. Souami, S. Aouat

Mengjie Zhang, Urvesh Bhowan, Bunna Ny









Oral 2:Signal/

Image Processing


Oral 6: Bio-Medical Imaging


Oral 8:Motion/

Image Processing







Session Chair:

Session Chair: Burkhard Wuensche

Session Chair: Kenichi Kanatani


 Brendan McCane




Modified Kalman Filtering for Image Super-Resolution

Ultrasound Image Segmentation With Multilayer Perceptron-Based Level Sets

Detection of Cirrus Streak Utilizing Cloud Shape and Movement


C. Newland, D. Gray, and D. Gibbins

M. Mora, C. Tauber, H. Batatia

H.Ikeda, R.Saegusa, S.Hashimoto


Affine Normalized Contour Invariants using Independent Component Analysis and Dyadic Wavelet Transform

An Automated System for Microscopy Imaging and Analysis of Histology Slides with an Application in Sheep Meat Morphometry.

Region-Based MRF Model for Moving Object Segmentation


Asad Ali, S.A.M Gilani

Volker Hilsensein, Paul Jackway, Peter G. Allingham

Sun-Kyoo Hwang and Whoi-Yul Kim


VQ-Based Data Hiding in Images by Minimum Spanning Tree

Morphological Averaging of Anatomical Shapes Using Three-Dimensional Distance Transforms

Structured Combination of Particle Filter and Kernel Mean Shift Tracking


Hung-Min Sun, King-Hang Wang, Hou-Wen Wang, Chia-Yen Chen

Márquez Jorge, Patrice Delmas , Isabelle Bloch and Francis Schmitt

A. Naeem, S. Mills, and T. Pridmore


Morphology-based Stable Salient Regions Detector

Image Analysis and Modelling of Disorder in the Myosin Lattice of Vertebrate Muscle

Image Segmentation Using Active Contour Model


Elena Ranguelova and Eric J. Pauwels

C.H. Yoon, R.P. Millane, N.D. Blakeley, A. Goyal

Byeong Rae Lee, YongKyu Kim, and Hyunchul Kang


A study of 3rd and 4th order Tikhonov smoothing term influence on the convergence of active contours

Vision based Human Activity Detection for Eldercare and Security

Joint Outliers and Principal Component Analysis



Moqing Zhang and Patrice Delmas

Nigel Pereira, Liyanage C. De Silva, and Amal Punchihewa

Georgy Gimel’farb, Alexander Shorin, and Patrice Delmas



Iterative Target Calibration Using Conformal Geometric Algebra

Automatic Recognition of Light Microscope Images of Pollen

Integrated Test Pattern Generator and Measurement Algorithm



Robert J. Valkenburg, Nawar S. Alwesh, Yilan Zhao, Reinhard Klette

PaperG.P.Allen, R.M.Hodgson, S.R.Marsland, G.Arnold, R.C.Flemmer, J.Flenley, D.W.Fountain

G. A. D. Punchihewa, D. G. Bailey, and R. M. Hodgson



Lunch (40 minutes)



Oral 3: Security

Free Afternoon:

Oral 9: Stereo




Small Cruise




Session Chair:


Session Chair: Phil Bones



 Robert Valkenburg

Hot Pools




Fingerprint Matching using Enhanced Shape Context

Eastern beaches/Claris/Whangapoua Beach walk

3D Reconstruction from an Uncalibrated Long Image Sequence


Paul W.H. Kwan, Junbin Gao, and Yi Guo


Tatsuya Osawa, Isao Miyagawa, Kaoru Wakabayashi, Kenichi Arakawa, Takayuki Yasuno


Towards real time difference imaging in the far blue (390-440 nm)


Computer Stereo Vision: Concurrent Matching vs. Optimisation


Dr Gordon Miskelly John Wagner


G. Gimel'farb, J. Morris, P. Delmas, J. Liu


Watermarking on 3D Model

High Resolution Stereo in Real Time


Chia-Yen Chen and Chi-Fa Chen

John Morris, Georgy Gimel'farb,Srdjan Mitrovic, Ameen Sharief,Luis Copertari


License Plate Detection and Classification using a Space Displacement Neural Network

Image Intensifier Characterisation


M Johnson, A Barczak

A.D. Payne, A.A. Dorrington, M.J. Cree, and D.A. Carnegie


Multiscale Contrast Patterns for Image Tamper Detection

Noise Models for Symmetric Dynamic Programming Stereo


M. K. Bashar and N. Ohnishi

Zhen Zhou, Georgy Gimel'farb, John Morris


Afternoon Tea & Poster session (80 minutes)

Afternoon Tea



Poster 2: Visualisation

 and Graphics

Oral 10: Applications


Session Chair:

Session Chair: Michael Cree

Richard Green


Interactive Styling of Virtual Hair

Tracking iris surface deformation using Elastic Graph Matching

Rui Zhang and Burkhard C. Wuensche

S.S.S. Phang, Wageeh Boles, Michael Collins

Classification of 3D LIDAR Point Clouds for Urban Modelling

Perceptually Correct Image Space Soft Shadows


Ee Hui Lim and David Suter

R. Rountree, R. Rayudu and D. Brebner

Real-Time Interaction Techniques for Meshless Deformation Based on Shape Matching

Hardware Implementation of the Maximum Subarray Algorithm for Centroid Estimation


Alex Henriques and Burkhard Wuensche

S.J. Weddell, B.N. Langford

Terrain Reconstruction using LADAR and Optical Sensor Data from an Unmanned Air Vehicle

A study on GPU implementation of March’s regularization method for optical flow computation


D Gibbins, L Swierkowski, P.Roberts, A.Finn

Yoshiki Mizukami, Katsumi Tadamura

Image processing of cryo-electron micrographs of helical crystals - 3D architecture of a novel bacterial appendage

Determination of Average Wind Velocity using Generalised SCIDAR


J. Li, S. Manning, S. Turner, M. Kikkawa and A.K. Mitra

J.L. Mohr, R.A. Johnston, C.C. Worley, and P.L. Cottrell

Public Interactive Display Using Front-projection and Infrared-pass Filter Camera

End of conference.


Cheng-Tse Chu, Dandi Duan and Richard Green

See you at IVCNZ 2007!!

Simulation of multi-polarisation SAR imagery



S.J. McNeill, D. Pairman, H.C. North, S.E. Belliss

Extracting Surface Curvature from Noisy Scan Data

John Rugis

Occlusion Removal in Image for 3D Urban Modelling

E. H. Lim and D. Suter

Modelling Interactions with a Computer Representation of the Upper Gastrointestinal System

Gastélum Alfonso, and Márquez Jorge

Acquiring Visual Hulls by Voxels

Yu-xuan HONG, Richard GREEN

Simulation of Medical Imaging Modalities - A Tool for Numerical Evaluation of Image Processing Algorithms

Falk Uhlemann

Analysis of Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy Images of the Retina

D.H. Wojtas, P. Wenig, B. Wu, P.J. Bones and R.P. Millane

ROBPCA-SIFT: a feature point extraction method for the consistent with epipolar geometry in endoscopic images

J.S. Oh, H.C. Kim, J.M. Koo, J.S. Yu, T.H. Kang, J.D. Lee, and M.G. Kim

Towards nuclear phenotype recognition in single channel fluorescence microscopy images

I. Sintorn, L. Bischof, R. Lagerstrom, M. Buckley, A. Hoffman




Oral 4: 3D




Session Chair: Don Bailey




The Waikato Range Imager

MJ Cree, AA Dorrington, RM Conroy, AD Payne, DA Carnegie


Digital Speckle Photogrammetry

Yizhe Lin, John Morris and Quentin Govignon


3D Visualisation Techniques for Multi-Layer Display Technology

Vijay Prema, Gary Roberts, Darryl Singh, Burkhard Wuensche


SRICP: An Algorithm for Matching Semi-Rigid Three-Dimensional Surfaces

A. Mian, M. Bennamoun, R. Owens






























Conference Dinner


Port Fitzroy Yacht Club



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