Three-Dimensional Data from Images

Reinhard Klette, Karsten Schlüns, and Andreas Koschan

Springer Singapore, 1998

ISBN 981-3083-71-9

List of Algorithms

These algorithms are explained in detail in this textbook.

Bichsel-Pentland algorithm, p. 278

block matching algorithm

depth map calculation by local integration, p. 126

calibration by direct linear transformation, p. 53

Frankot-Chellappa algorithm, p. 113

generation of

Gimel'farb algorithm, p. 154

Horn-Schunck algorithm, p. 200

HSI into RGB model, p. 18

Ikeuchi-Horn algorithm, p. 289/290

Lee-Rosenfeld algorithm

light spot projection technique, p. 352

light stripe projection technique, p. 359

LoG edge operator, p. 26

models from occluding boundaries, p. 218

needle map generation, p. 104

Onn-Bruckstein algorithm, p. 322

RGB into HSI model, p. 16

Shirai algorithm, p. 34

Shirai-Nishimoto algorithm, p. 160

Tsai calibration technique, p. 62

turntable situation,

Yachida-Kitamura-Kimachi algorithm, p. 171

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