R. Klette, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

P. Zamperoni, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany

Due to the increase availability of low-cost computer power, the practical application of image processing has expanded significantly in recent years. The field is continuing to grow and interest is increasing over a wide range of disciplines, from computer vision to biomedical imaging and mechanical inspection.

Covering the fundamentals of digital image processing, this timely book introduces basic terminology, describes general control structures and illustrates a range of algorithmical procedures. The majority of the text is devoted to standard image processing operators and transformations. The authors take a practical approach, offering the user operative solutions to a wide range of processing problems.

The source code for the programs described in the text will be available on a disk for UNIX and MS-DOS systems.


Pictures; Windows and Operators; Methodical Fundamentals; Coordinate Transforms and Geometric Operators; Gray Scale Transformations and Point Operators; Window Functions and Local Operators; Global Operators.

ISBN: 0471 95642 2 (CL) February 13, 1996 416 pp. 45.00 Pounds

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